About Us

At Commercial Capital Equity Partners, we specialize in helping in borrowers that don’t qualify for typical bank loans.  While the majority of commercial property lenders have narrow and inflexible guidelines and only fund perfect scenario loans, our professional team works closely with private lenders who understand that every loan has a unique story.  They are willing to listen to the needs and issues of our borrowers and we connect you to these private sources of capital that will provide financing for your commercial property.

When You Work with Us

The difficulties in the global economy have resulted in various new limitations placed on the large banks. The result of these burdens has left banks with significantly less capital available for investment in commercial real estate. The new marketplace for financing commercial real estate has given pension funds, insurance companies, private equity funds, hedge funds and alternative asset funds a better way to invest their capital. These private sources of capital are not subject to the limitations that have been imposed on banks and direct lenders. They are in a position to fund loan scenarios that most banks would never consider. These private, nonbank lenders are offering every type of loan product, for every type of asset class.